[Wine] Perfect world - mouse not appearing

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Sat May 8 21:10:45 CDT 2010

Lollypop wrote:
> hmm, ill take a look at wineskin :P
> i would get crossover games but i don think i will get it for the time being as i probably wont be playing much on the computer. Maybe in the future.
> also, 1.1.44 still hasnt come up in updates, i would download source but i dont know hot to do it. im sure now i used winebottler to download it. 
Give Mike a few days to get Wine 1.1.44 built with his build program.

He has been very busy and out of his normal area of work for a while :) 

With the upcoming Wine release series, things will get very interesting.

James McKenzie

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