[Wine] Re: Useful bash scripts for wine / need help

landeel wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun May 9 16:38:35 CDT 2010

> 1. Don't use readlink - you don't need to dereference symlinks yourself 

I need the scripts to work in 3 cases:

1) wine-createshortcut /media/sdaX/Programs/myapp.exe (Absolute paths. Useful when launching the script from a file manager.)

2) wine-createshortcut myapp.exe (For files in the current directory. Useful when you're in console.)

3) wine-createshortcut ./Programs/myapp.exe (Relative paths. Useful when you're in console too.)

readlink will always resolve anything to the absolute path. It will simply work in all 3 cases, so I see no reason for not using it.

Apart from that, thank you very much for your tips! It seems to work now. :)

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