[Wine] Metatrader Installation error

L. Rahyen research at science.su
Sun May 9 22:07:27 CDT 2010

On 2010-05-09 (May, Sunday) 16:17:29 msnomore wrote:
> OK.
> Firstly, WINEPREFIX was not set in the environment, which may or may not be
>  a different problem.

	It depends. If you just playing with Metatrader - it doesn't matter. If you 
are using it professionally, you need to have separate clean Wine prefix for it 
(for maximum stability). For example:

export WINEPREFIX=~/.wine.metatrader

	And then install vcrun6 and Metatrader.

	BTW, if you are going to use Metatrader professionally in Wine/Linux 
environment I have good news for you: in my practice it's MUCH more stable in 
Wine/Linux than in Windows (I'm using Metatrader in Linux for many years).

> Moved and recreated the .wine directory as suggested. (Some 'interesting'
>  CLI syntax there. I'll have to go through that and try and understand it
>  :?).

	It's quite simple: "mv ~/.wine{,.old}" is equivalent to "mv ~/.wine 
~/.wine.old". Another example: "mv ~/.wine{.new,.old}" = "mv ~/.wine.new 
~/.wine.old" and so on.

> This solution worked, although it would lose any other app or 'C-Drive'
>  info that was already present.

	No, it wouldn't. Even after "mv ~/.wine{,.old}" you can run 
"WINEPREFIX=~/.wine.old" and then continue to use it; if you have existing 
launchers in your GUI, you can edit them and replace old path to your Wine 
prefix with new one and they will continue to work too. Of course this is just 
an example but it shows that you can easily rename your Wine prefix without 
losing anything.

	In practice, you should create separate Wine prefix for each important 
application (like Metatrader if you are using it professionally) and leave 
default ~/.wine for other applications.

	There are other cases when using of separate Wine prefix(es) is useful. For 
example, after some time you may find that there is too many applications in 
~/.wine and they are conflicting with each other, or you simply want to 
experiment without risking your default Wine prefix, or you need to have 
different set of native overrides for some application(s) - in all these cases 
you can use new clean Wine prefix(es) to minimize possible/existing problems. 
Read http://wiki.winehq.org/FAQ#head-faf9617c53607e583f6e6ff70a4ac9522d490faf to 
know more about using Wine prefixes.

	Remember: you should keep native overrides to minimum in each Wine prefix. If 
an application requires specific override it is better to create new Wineprefix 
for it because native override(s) may hurt other application(s) (so it is not 
good idea to have native override(s) in default Wine prefix, especially if you 
plan to use a lot of Windows applications).

> From reading another post/thread somewhere, I was under the impression that
>  vcrun6 was supposed to 'emulate/act as' mfc42 but did not appear to be
>  working as such, thus requiring the presence of mfc42 separately.

	vcrun6 includes mfc42 not the other way around. Run:

winetricks --help | grep mfc42

	And you will see that vcrun6 includes mfc42, msvcp60 and msvcrt.

> PS. You thanked me for using Wine. I believe it is more for myself and
>  others to thank you and your colleagues, both for developing Wine and
>  enabling us to move away from MS without losing those remaining (niggling)
>  apps that do not run natively under Linux, and also for providing the
>  support and help to overcome any issues that might arise in using it.

	Thanks! But I want to say that without its users Wine in its current state 
wouldn't exist - some users report bugs and help developers to fix them by 
providing more details, some others even become Wine developers, sometimes even 
without programming skills: they create icons, translations, fix typos; some 
users write (or fix existing) documentation and do many other useful things. 
Even by creating your post and telling us about your problem you are helping 
the project because in the future a user may find a solution for his/her problem 

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