[Wine] can't get twitcam to work

shengchieh wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon May 10 13:32:36 CDT 2010

I having problem getting twitcam 


to work.  twitcam uses shockwave and flash, so you need
to use "window OS browser" and install the shockwave
and flash plugins.  

What I done so far:

- install Wine - I installed version 1.0.1 which is the
  repository.  (I am using Linux Mint 8 Helena [GNOME].)
  If you think I shoud use a later version of Wine, yell.

- install firefox (the latest version as of 5/10/10 is

- install shockwave plugin from

- install flash plugin from

If I visit Adove test page, 


I see that I have shockwave 11.5.6r606 and flash

Now I go twitcam's site,


and click "Broadcast Live" (large red button at the bottom).
Login my twitter account. On the left side (which uses flash),
it says

  click here to authorise Flash to access your
  camera and microphone

and on the left side (which uses shockwave), a light blue
button says
  start chatting

and there are other irrelevant stuffs.

The chat side works just fine (i.e., click "start chatting"
and people can chat about the video).

When I allow firefox to access the camera and microphone, 
firefox crashes.

- Is the crash due to firefox not being able to access the microphone
  or camera?  Fyi, the camera works just fine for cheese (pure linux

- Will using a different browser helps?

- Will using a later Wine helps?

- Is there a different site that I can test the microphone and
  camera to make sure that is not the problem?

- Can somebody try twitcam and see if any progress can be made?

Thank you for your help.


p.s. twitcam is not in the Wine's application database (twitcam is
NOT a program anyway) or has been mentioned in this Wine forum.  
twitcam was "released" earlier this year.

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