[Wine] Re: Steam crashes immediately.

DL wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon May 10 21:32:51 CDT 2010

> What graphics driver are you using (version)?
> How did you install Steam?
> The correct way is to run steaminstall.msi in to a fresh wine prefix.
> You need to mention any variation you made to this- other workarounds
> used, winetricks, etc.

Distro: Gentoo ~AMD64
Driver: Nvidia 195.36.24
Videocard: GTX275
Wine version: 1.1.44 (tried many older versions as well)

Installed using wine msiexec /i steaminstall.msi in a fresh wine prefix. Also tried with winetricks in a fresh prefix. Attempting to make a new account brings on the crash most quickly, which occurs almost instantly when the EULA appears. I've never seen this steam version running under windows, but the EULA appears as a black screen, which could be another symptom.

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