[Wine] Running Wine with multi operating system games

Charles Davis cdavis at mymail.mines.edu
Tue May 11 12:30:39 CDT 2010

On 5/11/10 6:05 AM, r2rX wrote:
> Can you explain what you mean by mac classic?
Before there was Mac OS X, Mac users ran what we now know as "classic"
Mac OS. Classic Mac OS is very different under the hood from OS X, so
Apple included a VM to let people run old Mac OS apps on Mac OS X. Of
course, this VM only worked on PowerPC Macs (because Mac OS 9 only
worked on PowerPC Macs), so when Apple made the switch to x86, they
dropped Classic support.
> Cause, as far as I know, WINE only plays Windows games; and not Mac games.
That's true, and that's not about to change. But the OP realizes this,
and wants to play the *Windows* version under Wine.

The real problem is that, given a hybrid HFS/ISO 9660 disc, OS X
*always* mounts the HFS part and *never* mounts the ISO 9660 part. What
you have to do is tell Mac OS X to use the ISO 9660 part. There are
probably howtos on the Internet that will tell you how to do that.
Remember, Google is your friend.


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