[Wine] Final Fantasy XI occasionally freezes

Milena wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu May 13 09:36:51 CDT 2010


I have problem with FFXI since after the last nvidia/xorg/wine updates, the game occasionally freezes during gameplay. Sometimes it comes back but the most times it freezes for good and i must kill it to restart. I believe its the nvidia 195.x.x driver series and/or xorg 1.7.x because it worked just fine with 190.x and older xorg. I talked to a workmate who also plays the game on linux and the first thing he asked was if i have it installed on a linux software raid. All my games are on a raid0 of 2 hdds, ext4. Is it even possible that raid io lag cause a freeze in wine ? All other games seem to work fine and i can't really downgrade to the old driver/xorg atm.
Any suggestions ?

Many thanks in advance

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