[Wine] Re: How to fix the SSL/https problem?

zigstat wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu May 13 18:52:51 CDT 2010

I'm having similar problems getting the Opt-In program for battle net beta testing to work ( i'd imagine, same kinda error ) and I found another post of where others were having this issue and did a WINEDEBUG=+wininet run of it and heres a few lines around about where the error occured, lemme know if posting more would help or where I can go with this, and know I'm not experienced debugger so if you can help me in anyway, be specific or throw up links.. anyway.. 

trace:wininet:HTTP_HttpSendRequestW Request header -> L"POST /account/systemsurvey/submit.xml?purpose=sc2beta HTTP/1.1\r\nHost: us.battle.net\r\nUser-Agent: Blizzard Web Client\r\nCache-Control: no-cache\r\nContent-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded\r\nContent-Length: 352\r\n\r\n"
trace:wininet:HTTP_OpenConnection -->
trace:wininet:INTERNET_SendCallback  callback(0x42ac80) (0x3 (0x152b40), 004ea0c0, 10 (INTERNET_STATUS_RESOLVING_NAME), 0x147320, 28)
trace:wininet:INTERNET_SendCallback  end callback().
trace:wininet:GetAddress L"us.battle.net"
trace:wininet:INTERNET_SendCallback  callback(0x42ac80) (0x3 (0x152b40), 004ea0c0, 11 (INTERNET_STATUS_NAME_RESOLVED), 0x147320, 14)
trace:wininet:INTERNET_SendCallback  end callback().
trace:wininet:HTTP_ResolveName resolved L"us.battle.net" to
trace:wininet:INTERNET_SendCallback  callback(0x42ac80) (0x3 (0x152b40), 004ea0c0, 20 (INTERNET_STATUS_CONNECTING_TO_SERVER), 0x147320, 14)
trace:wininet:INTERNET_SendCallback  end callback().
err:wininet:NETCON_secure_connect SSL_connect failed: 12157
warn:wininet:HTTP_OpenConnection Couldn't connect securely to host
trace:wininet:HTTP_OpenConnection 12157 <--
trace:wininet:INTERNET_SendCallback  callback(0x42ac80) (0x3 (0x152b40), 004ea0c0, 100 (INTERNET_STATUS_REQUEST_COMPLETE), 0xaee97c, 8)
trace:wininet:DllMain 0x7e3b0000,2,(nil)
trace:wininet:INTERNET_SendCallback  end callback().
trace:wininet:HTTP_HttpSendRequestW <--
trace:wininet:WININET_Release object 0x152b40 refcount = 1
trace:wininet:InternetCloseHandle 0x2

The software is taken from:


I believe you have to have a battle.net account and possibly some blizzard software of some sort to get the Beta system checker downloaded.

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