[Wine] Re: Wine and Pulseaudio: it's working though.

oiaohm wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat May 15 19:02:15 CDT 2010

jorl17 you did not list the applications you are running.  Its critical.

Some applications depend on audio for timing under windows.   They can play up majorly with pulseaudio in place even with dmix infront of pulseaudio.

ESD driver is not maintained so no one should be using it.

Alsa driver that is has same kinds of issues with games and items that depend on audio timing.

IE not running with PA finds out is it timing related or not.

Also the pulse audio driver  http://art.ified.ca/?page_id=40 so called for wine is a hacked up version of OSS driver  and the OSS driver has issues with some games alone without being altered.  Basically if standard OSS or stanadard ALSA output options don't work in wine you are playing huge risk.

Also that pulseaudio driver has been rejected from include in wine due to its failures when tested.  Daz Letzte Einhorn.

Lot of alterations have been done to the wine ALSA driver to make it Pulseaudio friendly as able.  So pulseaudio failures with ALSA driver in wine should be reported once confirmed.  Question is who as screwed up.  Pulseaudio or wine.

I just wish pulseaudio would make themselves to alsa applications appear to be the normal stack.

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