[Wine] Re: Sims 3 and Microsoft.VC80.CRT

Alex wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun May 16 04:19:39 CDT 2010

Well, on this kind of situation, I always remove ~/.wine and then I install again my program.

When I was on windows and a program lacked some dlls, I googled their name and I downloaded them.
I added them on the directory where the binary was and all was ok.

Now, I have a GTK+ project for my school and we are using VS07.
I wanted to work on this at home so I packed all needed .lib and .dll and I created a dll/ directory inside my project folder.

When I launched Debug, VS didn't find the dll and so I looked for infos on how windows handles dll.

And I read (on msdn) that he looked at '.' then PATH then others dirs.
So I added PATH=$PATH:dll/ on the project properties and now all is ok.

But I guess wine behaves differently.

I thought about all guys coming from Google frustrated with no answer.

So if you have the correct answer, just give it.

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