[Wine] Company of Heroes poor performance

fdelente wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun May 16 11:43:11 CDT 2010


I've copied my Company of Heroes installation from windows XP to ubuntu 10.04.

I've succeded in running in with wine (I had to install vcrun2005 and d3dx9 with winetricks, as expected).

I put these keys in the registry:

OffscreenRenderingMode = fbo
UseGLSL = enabled
VideoMemorySize = 512

just in case; however with or without these keys, the game is very choppy; even the THQ logos movies at the beginning are. The game is set to minimum graphics, but it's jerky too.

These performances I get are way below what I get in windows on the same machine. I don't expect the same, still I'd like to get better performances.

Does everybody have the same problem, and has anybody solved it?


F. Delente

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