[Wine] ie7 activeX

L. Rahyen research at science.su
Tue May 18 04:55:27 CDT 2010

On 2010-05-14 (May, Friday) 09:20:10 clauswilson wrote:
> Who thinks this is an answer to my question?

	I do (but I will suggest you a solution anyway at the end of this paragraph). 
And yes, I have experience with some banks that support IE only (hint: 
"IE only" politics usually just one of many other problems with such banks). 
Any bank who cares about stability, security and usability will not use ActiveX 
and should support popular browsers, at least Firefox. If for some reason you 
really have to work with a bank that doesn't care about you as a customer and 
ignores your important requests (for example, full support for multiplatform 
browser) and forces you to use something you can't use easily or safely like 
ActiveX, IE, etc. you can use VirtualBox or VMWare (of course you have to have 
Windows in this case and waste you memory and disk space, and CPU cycles just 
for that "bank" and its ignorant policies).

	Wine never was 100% perfect with IE of any version because of two reasons: 
most users don't care about IE for obvious reasons including insecurity, and IE 
uses a lot of API that many other applications don't need. For these reasons  
IE support improves slowly. If you think you one of a people who cares about IE 
support in Wine and want to help (both Wine project and other people who need 
better IE support in Wine) - send patches or at least non-duplicate bug 

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