[Wine] Re: No printing - program in BPS Borland Pascal for Windows

chb22chb wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue May 18 08:54:51 CDT 2010

Thanks for the suggestion.

I did start the program with wine fabrique.exe &> log.txt  then tried to print something and exited the program.  The log file is empty!

Did the same starting with winconsole cmd ,then starting the program, etc ..  Once again the log file is empty.

Tried to debug with WINEDEBUG=+print,+printui wine fabrique &> debug.txt  The debug.txt is empty.

Tried also 
WINEDEBUG=err+all wine fabrique &> errr.txt   ==> empty file
WINEDEBUG=warn+all wine fabrique &> warn.txt  ==> big file
WINEDEBUG=fixme+all wine fabrique &> fixme.txt  ==> empty file
WINEDEBUG=trace+all wine fabrique &> trace.txt  ==> mega-huge file

The warn.txt file is posted at http://www.quickfilepost.com/download.do?get=a894e43c29652ce8458d32bfa2414690

The trace file is posted at http://www.quickfilepost.com/download.do?get=d24e8d5698679010dc067dfe2fa0bcdc

What else can I do ?  Anyway, thank you just for paying attention.

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