[Wine] Re: Awful, AWFUL frame rate.

DL wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri May 21 03:58:02 CDT 2010

Calamity Cat wrote:
> Hey guys.
> I'm very new to Wine. Very. I've pretty much just installed it.
> I'm using Ubuntu 10.04 and upon seeing many videos on Youtube such as "Team Fortress 2 On Wine!", seeing it run flawlessly, and I thought I'd give it a go.
> Now, I'm using the Dell Studio 1555, which has pretty awful graphics. It is a laptop after all. I managed however, with a few mods I could get Team Fortress 2 running full frame rate at correct screen ratio and medium graphics - on Windows. I thought I could then run it on Wine with very small ratio and lower graphics, and I would be fine.
> I wanted to test run it first, I ran Macromedia Flash 8, worked flawlessly. Then I ran Steam. Pretty bad response time with everything. But, before wasting bandwidth and time, I thought I'd run a smaller, easier game - just to see what it was like (after Steam ran badly). So I tried Plants Vs Zombies.
> I got like 1fps. Yikes. Is this normal? PvZ can run on 100mb of RAM on Windows 98.
> Also, I tried Civ 4 and AoM. Both just crash before starting.
> So please, am I doing it wrong? Are there any settings or something I need? Or is it just not going to work?
> What about PlayOnLinux - will that give me better results?
> Any help will be much appreciated!
> -The Cat

Don't expect miracles with what I assume is an integrated Intel card (is it ?) You really need a good nvidia card to get the best experience out of wine.

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