[Wine] Problem creating shortcut

MindGap wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri May 21 07:07:22 CDT 2010

Hi everyone!

I'm a recent linux user starting my first steps with this powerfull OS, and so far I've been able to make my way through installing and configuring a basic box connected to a M$ network.

Now I'm trying to create a shortcut to run my windows database application in wine but so far I had no success...

To correctly start my application in M$ windows I need to create a shortcut pointing to my.exe "c:\myfolder\my.exe" and then fill in the "Start in" field with something like "\\myserver\serverfolder\" which is where my exe loads it's forms.

Aside some permission troubles, which are now solved, I was able to run this setup successfully in KDE using the "work path" field in launcher's properties.
The problem is that now I'm using gnome and there's no such field in launcher's properties.

Could someone please enlight my path?

Thanks in advance!

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