[Wine] Utilizing winetricks to get dotnet20

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Sun May 23 20:29:08 CDT 2010

littlboz wrote:
> My apologies if someone has already posted this I was unable to find a search bar to scan the forums. 
> I am a first time wine user. I am using Mac OS X Version 10.6.3
> I installed wine through the following link :http://winebottler.kronenberg.org/
> My goal is to run a video game called Ultima Online. In order to do this I need dotnet20 which I attempt to get by opening up the little wine icon on the top righthand side of the bar and then I click on Winetricks.
> My problem is that it never seems to fully install and when I go back to wine Tricks dotnet20 is showed as being unchecked.
Please file a bug report on WineBottler's Trac system.  There are known 
issues with using Winetricks with WineBottler that do not exist with 
native Wine, which is what we support here.

James McKenzie

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