[Wine] Wine 1.2 rc1

David Gerard dgerard at gmail.com
Mon May 24 04:47:33 CDT 2010

On 24 May 2010 06:10, Gert van den Berg <wine-users at mohag.net> wrote:

> Compiling Wine is not so hard once you've got all the packages
> installed (If you are running 64-bit Fedora, note that there is a
> separate page with instructions for 64-bit Linux...)
> You basically need to install lots of -devel packages... (I'm not
> running fedora, the Wiki (linked in previous post) is probably a much
> better source as to which ones..)
> Once that is installed, it should compile quite easily... (I prefer to
> skip "make install" and to run Wine directly from where it was
> compiled...)

Yep. Compiling Wine is very easy. It just takes a few hours to compile :-)

> Also, when compiling Wine, it might be worth figuring out how to get
> the source from git, since it allows you to test a up-to-the-minute
> version of Wine (and the downloads for upgrades are smaller.) There is
> a wiki page with some information (GitWine AFAIK). (For the first few
> times, I would stick to the tar downloads...)

Do it with the tarball to make sure you have all the prerequisites.

But the nice thing about Wine from git is that you can do regression
testing if your Windows app stops working. And regression testing and
bisecting - tracking down the *precise* commit that broke your stuff -
is really pretty easy with git, if you're comfortable with a command

- d.

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