[Wine] Far Cry free version unCabbed, issues running it.

Llywelyn wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue May 25 04:50:17 CDT 2010

I downloaded the Far Cry free version and used unCab to remove its ads.
The game runs fine on Windows but when I try to run it with Wine I have segment error (or non permitted instruction).
I posted on another Ubuntu forum and nobody was able to run it, except one guy but he uses archlinux.
So I would really appreciate your help ;)
Feel free to download it at :http://www.clubic.com/demo-jeux-video-695-43022-far-cry-jeu-complet.html and unCab : http://www.papygeek.com/download/4/
Unzip unCab on the Far Cry archive and launch unCab.bat.

(this is obviously legal :) )

Seems that setting r_Driver in config.cfg as "OpenGL" instead of "DirectX9" helps but I really couldn't do anything after trying hours and hours... And I have to keep my Windows partitioin just for that :(

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