[Wine] Re: Movie Magic Screenwriter 6 Trial installs, crashes when run

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue May 25 16:49:51 CDT 2010

Chris The Ninja Pirate wrote:
> OK, so currently running 1.1.42 - have updated the repository but it doesn't seem to have propagated through yet.
> Anyhoo, I ran the program from terminal and it allowed me to activate the demo. Output from terminal is shown below. Don't know whether running it in terminal meant this worked or whether it was just a random error first up. Now the main problem I have is the graphical glitches - windows don't refresh until I minimise/maximise them. Any ideas of how to improve that?

I downloaded the demo and installed it with 1.2-rc1. There's definitely a problem with the windows refreshing during activation, but running the app after that, it seems fine, and my console output looks pretty much the same as yours. Try upgrading Wine.

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