[Wine] How to Create a Windows shared link in Wine(Ubuntu)

Harsha Angadi harsha.angadi at gmail.com
Wed May 26 02:21:50 CDT 2010

   I have installed Windows 2003 Server, on that i have installed VMware and
in VMware i have installed Ubuntu.Now my requirement is i want to run a
Windows Application shortcut from Ubuntu, for that i have installed wine on
Ubuntu.Now i have copied and pasted the Shortcut of that Windows Application
on Ubuntu's Desktop. When i check the Windows Application shortcut
properties its path will be something like this *
\\\Application\Application.exe*, but i am unable to run that
Application shortcut in Ubuntu. If i try samething on the other windows
system on network it works fine. Actually its a thin client server
architecture where i want my thin client to use ubuntu and access the
windows application shortcut and run the windows application shortcut on
ubuntu.Please help me in this regard. If this is not clear please tell me
how should be my input. Thanking you in advance.

With Regards,
Harsha S Angadi
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