[Wine] Re: Wonderland Online - game server doesn't work! PLEASE HELP!

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed May 26 10:16:30 CDT 2010

Timcampi wrote:
> I've installed Wine 1.2 because it was the only one in the repository, so, how can I do to instlall the 1.1.41 version? "to build from source", what does it mean?
> I'm sorry but i'm so inexpert with ubuntu system and such, anyway, could you please help me?
> Thank you very much!!

Ubuntu inexplicably decided to call all its Wine development release packages "1.2," so the package name doesn't tell me what you have installed. Open a terminal and type:

wine --version

That will tell you the real Wine version. 

However, unless you're using the "stable" release (which you shouldn't be, if you have the so-called wine1.2 package installed) I doubt the Wine version is the problem. The real problem is most likely the 16 bpp issue.

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