[Wine] Re: VisualBasic app, arrows for dropdown lists are not shown

cyruspy wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed May 26 12:34:56 CDT 2010

DaVince wrote:
> I see, that's good. Then what terminal output do you get when trying to run from the terminal?

Calling that form, I only get this messages:

> fixme:rpc:I_RpcWindowProc (0x10048,0000001c,00000000,00000000): stub
> fixme:rpc:I_RpcWindowProc (0x10048,0000001c,00000001,00000000): stub
> fixme:win:LockWindowUpdate (0x20112), partial stub!
> fixme:win:LockWindowUpdate ((nil)), partial stub!
> fixme:rpc:I_RpcWindowProc (0x10048,0000001c,00000000,00000000): stub

The "fixme:rpc:I_RpcWindowProc" seems to be usual during the product execution, I'm not sure about the other one...

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