[Wine] Re: Get Empia webcam to work with Wine

Paleoethnobotanist wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu May 27 07:56:29 CDT 2010

OK, how do I get this camera to work?

This situation is driving me crazy.  I hate using Windows, but I may be forced to in order to do my work (running it under windows in a virtual box adds a 5 second delay in screen capture- making adjustments a headache!).  The camera is supposed to work under Linux, but the driver comes up with these crazy resolutions (such as 1024x816 instead of 1024x768) and they just don't work (image is torn/distorted)- and I get no replies from my request for help on the Ubuntu forums.

I have some background in computers, but not to the point where I can write my own drivers or do a lot of command-line work with Linux (yet)- and I have other things I need to learn first.  

The software I want to use works under wine, but I get the "Can't add Smart T" message and the camera doesn't come up.  If I can get it to work with the camera, it would be the ideal solution.

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