[Wine] Trying to Get EMBIRD32 Working Under Wine

Gert van den Berg wine-users at mohag.net
Thu May 27 16:45:33 CDT 2010

> Only thing of note from a few trailing error messages was that it seemed to invollve ntdll.dll.
Running it from the console and pasting the full output to
pastebin.com might help.
http://wiki.winehq.org/FAQ#get_log The file generated from that
command is what you should upload to pastebin. The exact output of
wine --version should be useful as well (1.2 is not out yet, the
?Ubuntu package is the Wine that will eventually become 1.2)

The problem with skipping the installer is that the application might
easily be crashing because of missing registry settings, etc...

It might be a better idea to try to run the installer first. If you
haven't installed anything else in Wine, it is probably a good idea to
clean out the .wine directory:
(the command-line stuff) (It ensures that you start from a known

> You guys do have your own way of doing things, don;t you?  Good way to keep ihe traffic down too, by making it hard to get around or figure out where to go next.  So yes, I think I've been a bit perturbed, here and there, but only occasionally.

It is not a paid support forum... Its frustrating to get the same
questions every time...

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