[Wine] Re: Trying to Get EMBIRD32 Working Under Wine

oldefoxx wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu May 27 18:42:49 CDT 2010

Oh, now this is really good.  All my fault because I did not read everything on the subject first.  I have a whole book of stuff I printed off on wine a couple of years ago, and it kept going about, about, and about.  Never an answer one, and nothing to tell you what factors to weigh in trying to put things together.  Gave up, and finally went with VM, which is largely just set up and use, especially VirtualBox.  Works, too.

Back here for exactly three reasons:  (1) People say it can be done and that it works weill, (2) they also say the installer does not owrk, and (3) that just putting a Windows-installed copy of Embird under Wine is all it takes.

And what I am getting from you is that no, you have to run the installer first, which is exactly opposite of what others have said on the subject, and they should know, they claim to have done it.

I was just trying to find out what I am still not getting right, and all I get from someone who hasn't even tried it is that it can't be done thw way I describe.  Now how do you know?  Oh, that's right.  You are the expert.

Man, I just love this.  It;s back to dealing with people who got certified and that makes them better than those that have been getting the job done without them.

You think I don't know what an installer is for?  But if there are those that maintain the installer is not absolutely essential in a case like this, then I would say that this might be worth checking out.

See, early on in my career, everything was built of discrete components, and we learned circuitry and could trace signals.  When I got exposed to integrated circitry, that wasn't possible any more, so you just dealt with behavour of function.  In fact, you often had to rely on spare parts and moving things around to figure out just where the problem was.

What I am trying to go on here is that there are claims that what I am trying to do should work.  At least for some versions of Embird.  And if
it works, and does all that is expected of it, then the actions of the
installer are apparently unnecessary.  Now one thing that the Embird Installer needs to do is create extension associations  for itself in the Registry.  Without a Registry or a process to match up associations, the
program has to be called up manually, not by just clicking on an embroidery file.

Maybe wine does make of a Registry.  I see three .REG files now, and
so I could be mislead in that regard.  And maybe there is a revised installer for Embird that works with wine.  That would be nice too.  But I can't see any way to run down those possibilities from AppDB.

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