[Wine] Re: Borderlands

Dark Mayu wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun May 30 08:47:52 CDT 2010

the registry keys are set upon installation, I didn't add any others tbh.

I could tell you though, how I would try to fix this:
I'd move the windows folder along with the system.reg, user.reg, userdef.reg and .update-timestamp into a temp folder. (Before that I recommend opening your registry editor [regedit] and export any keys for Borderlands). If you run winecfg, wine will basically set up a new default configuration. Via winetricks, I'd install d3dx9, d3dx10, vcrun2005 and vcrun2008. I experienced a bug once when installing all in one go, so I'd install them each by itself. (Now, I'd also import the previously exported registry keys).

Try that and see if my method would help you. If not, you can simply delete your new windows and reg files and restore your original ones.

Apart form vcrun2008, it could also be that the game won't start because of your ATI GPU.

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