[Wine] Re: Wine and Parted Magic and Asus and Fingerprints

oiaohm wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun May 30 15:10:48 CDT 2010

If you know the password it was encoded with tron you can normally access on another machine change OS is not something you would expect to work without asking the maker about it.

konboot allows you to log into windows without entering a password.   Password hash gets loaded instead.    There are a few so called protection programs that use the windows password hash as key looked closer at this one and it does not use windows password hash.

Problem here with finger print scanning was not the password.  Its only a way to unlock the password.   So from what you are saying it either blank password or a password you have forgotten.  Tron this is the true issue with using so called biometric logins you end up forgetting the important bit of information the real password.

Basically I am not a expert with the program you are dealing with.  Send a message to Asus and find out if recovery is possible on windows 7.  Some of these encryption programs require the same version of windows to open.

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