[Wine] Moving wine's C: drive to another file system

James Mckenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Mon May 31 13:05:47 CDT 2010

>I have a question regarding moving Wine's C:/ drive to another file system. My hard drive is currently partitioned into 3 primaries. I have a NTFS partition that Windows is on, a Ext4 with Ubuntu, and a third, larger, FAT32 partition that I use to hold cross-OS data (music, pictures, documents ect).
>I have had infinite difficulty getting wine to run apps that I installed (through wine) to my
>FAT32 partition. Every time I try to run an app, it throws an error "The program <appname> has
>encountered a serious error and needs to close...". After doing some Googling it seems Wine
>can only run apps that are installed to it's C:/ drive. This has created some problems for me
>as my Linux partition is substantialy smaller than my storage partition that I use for my
>windows apps. My question is, is it possible to either run apps off a different fat32
>partition, or move the default C:/ folder to the fat32 partition. When I tried moving it
>manually it was impossible to create a link to it from the default install location.
1.  Wine does not support running programs from a FAT32 partition at this time, very well.
2.  FAT32 partitions do not support SYMLINKS in Linux.  NTFS might, but that is an iffy proposition, from what I understand (please correct me if I'm wrong or incorrect about this.)
3.  Is there any reason you cannot create another EXT4 type partition out of the FAT32 partition to support installing applications to?

>Any ideas on how to remedy this?

Yes, your Wine applications, for now must be installed to a Linux type partition.  This IS being worked on and will be available in the future (just cannot say when.)

James McKenzie

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