[Wine] World of Warcraft OpenGL render problem

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Mon May 31 19:49:08 CDT 2010

zaibas wrote:
> But this is illogical... With such card I can play in openGL mode on Windows with arround 30-40 FPS, in linux I should get around 60, why the hell my card is just not good enought?
It has been said here, but I will state again:  Windows has its own 
drivers, Linux has its own drivers:

nVidia is  great supporter of Linux and has the most 
robust/advanced/complete Linux drivers.
AMD/ATI are in the money game and have provided Linux drivers of 
questionable quality, thus there are two forks of drivers:  Those 
provided by AMD/ATI and those provided through open source to a 
proprietary 'bit'.  To add to this is the fact that AMD/ATI wants to 
stay even with and get ahead of nVidia.  Thus their drivers for their 
latest model video cards are getting better.   However, this support 
should be back-streamed to the older models as some of them are great 
cards and sell well on the second use market.
Intel is in the Windows camp and depends on that OS to make money.  
Thus, their Linux drivers are poor (and that is placing them in a good 
light) and poorly maintained.  There are no open source drivers for 
their GPUs that I know of.

Any other video card is a gamble as to whether or not it will work with 
Linux, at all.

Now, Wine places stresses on the video subsystem of Linux that most 
programs just don't even get close to.  This shows the greatness and 
weaknesses of Linux video drivers.  Both nVidia and AMD/ATI are working 
with the project to improve their video drivers so that the Linux 
desktop user gets the best user experience.

So, a video card that works 'great' in Windows, may not even work with 
Linux or give horrible performance.

James McKenzie

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