[Wine] Re: Wine license

oiaohm wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Nov 1 01:40:28 CDT 2010

Rishi don't use mono as an example.  They have not suffered what wine has.

Wine has been forked and people using there forks to play unfair in the market.

Leasons have been learnt here.

Trans-gaming already did modify the launcher to hack software so it worked ahead of wine and not released back what they did when Wine was MIT license.   Sorry not going to be allowed happen again.

There is no reason why the loader could not be written into a library infact there is a outstanding project that we need coders todo exactly that.  A wine plugin interface.   http://wiki.winehq.org/WinePluginApi

We have no issue with proprietary.  LGPL was chosen so Proprietary could use wine.  Just wine has to be used as libraries and any source alteration has to be given back.

All projects closed or open using Wine should have to complete fairly with each other.    At no point should any source from wine be able to be used to give any of them advantage over the other.   Then let the best win.

By the way Mono is systematically doing away with all LGPL and GPL code they contain.   They have not learnt there lessons yet.

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