[Wine] e-sword under a tiling WM

ngoonee wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Nov 1 21:37:05 CDT 2010

I've been using pytyle, but it seems this condition is common to most tiling wms. Basically, some wine apps get handled (opensong and 'i wanna be the guy' are the ones that do on my system), but some don't, e-sword being one that doesn't.

pytyle does automatic tiling, fitting the windows in a defined pattern on the screen. It just does not see e-sword, somehow, but has no problem seeing the other 2 apps I mentioned. The winecfg is just about identical for all.

I'm wondering what sort of 'hints' are passed on from the app to the WM, perhaps one of those labels e-sword as a floating window in the same manner as our pop-up windows (which also don't get tiled). I'm trying to get more information from the author of pytyle, will add it here when I can. For now, does anyone know what the issue could be?

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