[Wine] Re: A new approach to test Wine/CrossOver

Anton Lapshin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Nov 3 00:32:41 CDT 2010

GPA is a tool for tuning up application performance in a two ways. The first one is "online" when you are monitoring different useful counters while game is running. The second one is "offline" mode when you can capture one frame from the game and investigate it better in Frame Analyzer that shows a lot of useful info related to performance while rendering just only one frame (time of Draw calls) and that let you launch interesting experiments to determine where is the bottleneck in the application. So, GPA is a tool about finding bottlenecks in graphics application. Yes, you are right, it is a bit similar to PerfHUD.

Wow, I though about running Wine on Windows, but have never tried that and did not expect that it is possible.. As the first experiment, I would like to launch FrameAnalyzer with native d3d9.dll and then with one from Wine to figure out where the difference in timings is, in other words, which exactly functions are slower than in native dll. Thanks for pointing me to this case!

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