[Wine] Re: Is it possible to configure OpenGL software rendering?

doh123 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Nov 3 08:37:21 CDT 2010

tigono wrote:
> I have an application that uses opengl.
> If no hardware opengl support is available it works fine (not a highend application).
> If opengl hw support is available on the mac platform it fails because of the not complete opengl cappabilities in xquartz.
> So: can I enforce the use of software opengl renderin instead of hardware rendering? If yes: how can i configure this?

no idea to your actual question... but Xquartz has access to all OpenGL that OSX has... if there is a problem, it might be a driver problem.  Xquartz doesn't run its own driver, its basically like a passthrough to quartz running the main OS graphics driver.

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