[Wine] help debugging new application not in appdb

trailwalker wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Nov 3 13:16:25 CDT 2010

hello all,

i am new to wine and very impressed!  i have successfully installed word 2003 and excel and another program about which i am writing, with quite ease.

the program in question, however, is one that isn't in the appdb: Sky Index (link here (http://www.sky-software.com/products/Products.htm)).  i have installed it with no problem and already corrected one issue (when editing a cell, whatever you did would just erase the data and the output to the terminal showed it was a problem with richedit).

the one big issue where i am now stumped is that this app has macros which are triggered by function keys.  at first i thought that the function keys were just not getting through, but you can also display the macros toolbar and just click them directly, but nothing happens.  there is also _no_ output to the terminal when trying to use a function key or when clicking one from the toolbar so i don't know where to start on debugging what in particular is keeping it from working.  other toolbar buttons do work.

any help is much appreciated!


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