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oiaohm wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Nov 4 20:11:54 CDT 2010

Rishi please learn you history before you type again.

Transgaming altering the launcher had them loading 200 more games than wine could.  Just from that alteration.   Some of the most popular games of the time.  Yes the library alterations Transgaming did was a problem but still the loader alone did major damage to the profitablity of Codeweavers.

Major competition disadvantage.

Please try not to forget we have direct commercial arm support.   Any harm to Codeweavers is direct harm to the jobs of key personal behind Wine that wine cannot afford to lose.

Transgaming actions caused major disruptions to wine operations.

Yes if Codeweavers could not see how they could compete at the time they were going to pull the pin on wine completely and move into other development areas with income. 

This web site you are talking on is provided by Codeweavers free of charge to wine.   All storage requirements of source code is also provided free of charge by codeweavers.  Coders to work on wine complex bugs that are above a volunteers to fix Codeweavers to provide full time developers to deal  with.   Even releasing the fixs first in wine not there own product.  Project lead AJ is paid full time by Codeweavers to take care of Wine.

All this go by by so you can have a loader coded in MIT/BSD license.   Sorry I think not.   Because that is exactly what you are talking about risking.

The deal has been done from the time of the transgaming disaster.   As LGPL we have codeweavers support.  Without it codeweavers would have pulled there support back then.   As what you are proposing codeweavers would have to reconsider if they keep on supporting wine.

We are not talking small amount of funding you are messing with.   We are talking messing with the requirements of the most major commercial backer of wine.

You want to do a change like this Rishi you better be able to find the funding to cover the possible outcome of codeweavers pulling out of wine.   

Before codeweavers wine was lucky to have a release 1 a year.  After them we have goto to 2 weekly release cycle.    We are talking major high price in development speed as well if we lose them.

Besides Transgaming are being forced by the LGPL to release more and more of there code base to keep up with wine.   So we are winning.   If they are forced to release there loader as well then we are on a level playing field again.   And would be a fair price to pay thinking Transgaming has had to be forced to provide support to wine by license.

Yes we here have lived threw the damage using BSD and MIT license can do our major backers income.   To back open source they must make some profit from it.

Wine is not as Strong of a Community as you think Rishi.  We are dependent on a supply of key resources without them we are in trouble.

Anyone who thinks open source runs by  Strong Community alone is a idiot.   Major open source projects has someone somewhere making profit from using it and feeding money back in.

Basically answer were will the money to run wine operations come from if you do your alterations.

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