[Wine] Re: Vietnamese language support

laurentppol wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Nov 5 11:08:50 CDT 2010

dimesio wrote:
> Upgrade to the latest development release (currently 1.3.6).

download OK, ./configure --prefix=/usr gives SOME (stupid) warnings:

configure: creating ./config.status
config.status: creating Make.rules
config.status: creating Maketest.rules
config.status: creating dlls/Makedll.rules
config.status: creating dlls/Makeimplib.rules
config.status: creating programs/Makeprog.rules
config.status: creating Make.tmp
config.status: creating include/config.h
config.status: include/config.h is unchanged
config.status: linking tools/winewrapper to wine
config.status: executing include/stamp-h commands
config.status: executing dlls/gdi32/enhmfdrv commands
config.status: executing dlls/gdi32/mfdrv commands
config.status: executing dlls/kernel32/nls commands
config.status: executing dlls/user32/resources commands
config.status: executing dlls/wineps.drv/data commands
config.status: executing include/wine commands
config.status: executing Makefile commands

configure: libxcomposite development files not found, Xcomposite won't be supported.
configure: libgnutls development files not found, no schannel support.
configure: libv4l development files not found.
configure: gstreamer-0.10 development files not found, gstreamer support disabled
configure: libcapi20 development files not found, ISDN won't be supported.
configure: libmpg123 development files not found (or too old), mp3 codec won't be supported.
configure: libopenal development files not found (or too old), OpenAL won't be supported.

configure: WARNING: prelink not found, base address of core dlls won't be set correctly.

configure: Finished.  Do 'make' to compile Wine.

but rpm shows:


[root at laurent-home wine-1.3.6]# rpm -qa | grep gnutls

(reinstalling gnutls-devel with yum does not change this

BUILD (make) seems OK: "Wine build complete"

now remove old wine using rpm -e until rpm -qa | grep wine gives nothing.

now wine --version shows: wine-1.3.6

CASE 1) Trying to start DICTIONARY: "wine is updating /hone/xxx/.wine/*", 
next "downloading wine-gecko"

OK, now application starts, BUT (as earlier) complaining:
"for those languages there is no input method -> Vietnamese"
What IS strange, I gave export LANG=en_US before starting program, BUT the message is in Polish...

Choices are: "Regional settings", "Default method", "Contiinue".

If I choose "continue" application starts, BUT with same problems (no Vietnamese pronounciacion) as in original message.

CASE 2). Starting PHRASEBOOK -> installs, (with 1 "missing file" warning), started from ICON does not start. Started from command line
starts, but soon dies "application encountered serious problem and will be closed", more: there is NO Polish in user interface selection (on native Win$ PL it is)

What information shoud I provide?

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