[Wine] Starcraft 2 Issues =(

jordan triplesquarednine at gmail.com
Sat Nov 6 09:56:43 CDT 2010


> I still dont know where I have to put in the orm=backbuffer in the registry.

You can use winetricks. it will have that option, and will put that
into the registry. Download it from winehhq. then execute from the


then winetricks menu will appear. I believe the registry key you are
lloking for, is listed somewhere near the bottom. check it off,  press
okay, done.

> Please someone post a ScreenShot (from registry) who got it working.

You don't need a screenshot, but you also might wan to have a look at
"useful registry keys" in the wine wiki. it is helpful if you ever are
manually modifying registry keys.


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