[Wine] Re: Wine license

Rishi wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Nov 7 01:07:40 CDT 2010

Please don't hate proprietary...
Trans-gaming can't do that much with only the loader.
Loader is not enough for them.
Money is a gift to proprietary to make sure they are not wasting time by coding in voided world...
I ask you to keep your precious libraries under LG-PL.
Trans-gaming can't do anything, because side of WINE community is strong.

> 2. Conveying Modified Versions.
> If you modify a copy of the Library, and, in your modifications, a facility refers to a function or data to be supplied by an Application that uses the facility (other than as an argument passed when the facility is invoked), then you may convey a copy of the modified version:
> a) under this License, provided that you make a good faith effort to ensure that, in the event an Application does not supply the function or data, the facility still operates, and performs whatever part of its purpose remains meaningful, or
> b) under the GNU GPL, with none of the additional permissions of this License applicable to that copy.

If you want contributions back, Why do you keep it GPL compatible? GPL is LGPL incompatible.
Do you want to keep it stall-man-compatible? That is a selfish, stupid guy, unlike BSD community.
LG-PL V2+ is worser than writing your own copyrights to the GNU.

Stall-man brainwashed you, and that is the reason not to use Linux.
Although I like MySQL and Linux, I don't use them, Then I found BSD and PostgreSQL.

What if trans-gaming take-over wine?
Wine have to die without derivatives because of LG-PL, when Microsoft DIE.
If wine is permissive and after the official demise of WINE, new Platforms will rise (like X11, BSD, Apache, etc...).
Everyone know that Microsoft is a loyal, and a honest company, but charging for their efforts, and the Dev team is well-paid.
Apple took BSD kernel, but BSD did not consider it a harm to them, but the Apple's implementation of BSD kernel made the BSD famous...

I think it is the strongest community next to BSD.
They Did not get jealous over the IBM, the helped them...
Alternative approach:
What if apache is made LG-PL after the incident?
No takeovers by IBM... Then they need to die...

Even trans-gaming seems like good if you see from inside: they are charging us for their difficulties... and their works... What if no profit? IT industry will die...
OSS is meant to be adaptable; not to be selfish...
Trans-gaming IS like MS, they are charging for their difficulties...
It is not a lesson, it is from mind, I thought Novell is selfish, then I realized They are good...
What if the BSD is selfish? BSD is the origin of software technology...
What if X is CDDL/EPL/MPL?

It seems like Trans-gaming is fighting with Code Weavers, not with us.
Trans-gaming neither destroy community nor weaken it -- they just derived from it.
This is not a 'Business' trick of code Weavers, Right?

Trans-gaming did not seem to affect WINE that much, you are fearing unnecessarily.
I heard name of Trans-gaming, after I heard the name of WINE.
So, they did not popularized wine...
If you think taking source is stealing, the Stall-man and the worst communities, MySQL, ID(Quake, Doom, etc...), GNU are also stealing...

Please don't fear about derivatives...
Please don't be as selfish as stall-man.

Trans-gaming is not ?s?m? bin?aden
Please remember that I am talking about Launcher, not the  precious libraries...
Even if trans-gaming take over WINE launcher, People will always prefer WINE, because it is free.

Stop your egos, think from your heart, you will realize. :)
(Don't fear them, they are not cyberdemons or Doc.Oct, they are only human and they aren't going to destroy the world)

Replacing LG-PL code with BSD licensed code (like BSD kernel) is possible, and
Please take contributions from now on, under MIT license so that wine will be completely MIT after 90 years (copyright of WINE LG-PL code will expire).

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