[Wine] Eve Online and Process Monitor Logfiles

TerjeMaurset wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Nov 7 18:45:01 CST 2010


Today I did a clean Windows XP install on my partition, latest patches included.
What perhaps is more interesting is that I was able to log the ENTIRE installation of 
EVE_Premium_Setup_185699_m.exe 649MB.

After updating to (build?) 197121 I also logged some gameplay (3-8MB):
Exiting station, warping to gate, changing jukebox track, dock to station og exit the game.
Did not get to log the EULA window.

Anyway the log contains directories, filenames, dll's and I think everything else accessed by the game itself.

So now the questions are: 
Is anyone interested in this information? And if so, where can i post it?

Ps. I have not been able to get Eve running on Wine without crashing.
So I am hoping this may help the Wine community to solve some problems.

  Terje Maurset

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