[Wine] Re: No Head in Force Unleashed

winefan62 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Nov 8 03:50:13 CST 2010

Update : 
-Adding DirectX (from the DVD) to the prefix - Same result
-Not only the main char have no head but ALL models !!
-No error/fixme output from wine, nothing
-Older wine version have this bug too
-Re-installing the game from scratch give heads on the very first launch only, no matter the wine version (tried from wine 1.1.44 to 1.3.6)
-Must launch the game using "SWTFU_Autorun.exe" because the main launcher require .Net Framework 3.5 (not working with wine)

So there 2 very annoying bugs : 
-Can't launch the main launcher so no easy resolution and control changes possible.
-All model heads missing after the very first launch. Game is ridiculous withouts heads...it's like a Star Wars remake from "Sleepy Hollow" producers...

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