[Wine] Re: Ubuntu 10.10 AMD64 and building wine

A Nonny Moose wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Nov 8 10:40:12 CST 2010

So, figuring you fellows are busy, I asked the machine about question two and it answered faithfully.

The answer is skip the -m32 and just do the usual thing.  configure is smart enough to insert the -m32 on its own.  So that line in the RegressionTesting wiki page should be revised or removed.

What happened was that I got the -m32 flag twice on each gcc line.  No harm, of course, and the compile went perfectly after I hauled in a library it wanted and didn't have when I pulled the development stuff earlier.  Maybe you should add gstreamer-10 to the dependencies list for the apt build-deps.

On to testing.  I've been having trouble with my Cd being recognized, and I hope a fresh version of wine will solve it.  You don't want to know how I got the .wine catalog over before.

I have two UBUNTU instances on my system.  10.04 on one partition (32-bit) and 10.10 AMD64 on the other.  This compile was on the 64-bit side.  I actually have different problems related to the hardware on both versions, and I don't think any of them have to do with wine, but I will find out.

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