[Wine] No Jack Realtime w/ Wine, Kontakt 4

Cosmo Lee cosmolee at cosmolee.com
Mon Nov 8 11:35:26 CST 2010

Ubuntu 10.04. Wine 1.2

I'm running Native Instruments Kontakt 4 under Wine. It runs fine except for
occasional stutters, so I wanted to try enabling Realtime in Jack, but I have no
luck with this. (I have made recommended edits to the limits.conf file, though
I've read that this is no longer necessary(?):
@audio - rtprio 100, @audio - memlock 250000)

When I start up Kontakt, I see "ASIO_Kontakt 4" appear in the Jack Connections
"Readable Clients/Output Ports" window in the Audio tab, which is normal. However,
it quickly disappears, and when Kontact boots fully, no sound libraries can be
loaded and the program locks up.

This appears only to be a problem with running Kontakt & Wine. I can run native
Linux synths such as ZynAddSubFX without any problem with Realtime enabled.

I've tried doing this with a Realtime Linux kernel and a non-RT, same problem
with either.

Have I missed something?

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