[Wine] Re: Does this software run under Wine 1.0?

Tux wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Nov 9 04:56:23 CST 2010

There's no version 1.0 available for me. Here are all versions I could test it for you with:

antarctica andre # eix app-emulation/wine
[I] app-emulation/wine
     Available versions:  1.1.10!t 1.1.11!t 1.1.12!t 1.1.13!t 1.1.14!t 1.1.15!t 1.1.16!t 1.1.17!t 1.1.18!t 1.1.19!t 1.1.20!t 1.1.21!t 1.1.22!t 1.1.23!t 1.1.24!t 1.1.25!t 1.1.26!t 1.1.27!t 1.1.28!t 1.1.29!t 1.1.30!t 1.1.31!t 1.1.32!t 1.1.33!t 1.1.34!t 1.1.35!t 1.1.36!t 1.1.37!t 1.1.38!t 1.1.39!t 1.1.40!t 1.1.41!t 1.1.42!t 1.1.43!t 1.1.44!t 1.2!t ~1.3.0!t ~1.3.1!t ~1.3.2!t ~1.3.3!t ~1.3.4!t (~)1.3.5!t **9999!t {+X alsa capi cups custom-cflags dbus esd fontconfig +gecko gnutls gphoto2 gsm hal jack jpeg lcms ldap mp3 nas ncurses openal +opengl +oss +perl png pulseaudio samba scanner ssl test +threads +truetype +win32 (+)win64 xcomposite xinerama xml}
     Installed versions:  1.3.5!t(21:37:55 04.11.2010)(X alsa dbus gecko gnutls jpeg lcms ldap mp3 ncurses opengl oss perl png ssl threads truetype win32 win64 xml -capi -cups -custom-cflags -esd -fontconfig -gphoto2 -gsm -hal -jack -nas -openal -pulseaudio -samba -scanner -test -xcomposite -xinerama)
     Homepage:            http://www.winehq.org/
     Description:         free implementation of Windows(tm) on Unix

Maybe I can help you with another version? its quiet simple for me to switch them ;)

Greetz, Tux

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