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Lagerfeld for fur innovations processing, such as the true animal fur processing into a generic fur appearance effect; Playing on the fur fabrics of many small coat ghd iv styler mk4 gold (http://www.ghd-mk4-pink.com/ghd-iv-styler-mk4-gold-p-6.html) to mitigate the weight easy wear, Fur colorful dyeing processing, etc. Its innovative design include water mink coat of bull-puncher fabrics for mainly, choose such as squirrel skins, snow mink etc very with fur for bold design. In the early 1990s, the air max 2009 (http://www.supplyairmax.com/nike-air-max-2009-c-72.html) fur outfit launch for a positive full fur opposite for mesh fabric on both sides of the overcoat in protest against fur clothing movement at that time. The 1993/94 qiu dong season, ugg classic short (http://www.uggbootsbaileybutton.co.uk/ugg-classic-short-boots-c-67.html) brand again launched fold into the shape of zipper packet hairy coat. As executives fendi sisters are intended to change the past people depending on fur clothing for high-grade luxury of traditional idea, let chi guitar collection (http://www.chiflatironblack.com/chi-flat-iron-chi-guitar-collection-red-c-1_8.html) brand fur clothing more lives, the civilian and fashion, approached more consumers. In the business strategies, cowboys jerseys (http://www.discount-nfl.com/dallas-cowboys-jerseys-c-23.html) operating licences method using developed as decorations, gloves, pen, lamp, glasses and perfume etc, make the air max ltd (http://www.supplyairmax.com/nike-air-max-ltd-c-76.html) brand of intangible assets be fully utilized.
2011 "melts ugg classic mini (http://www.uggbootsbaileybutton.co.uk/ugg-classic-mini-boots-c-70.html) star" enrolment since October, always by market since the start of widespread concern. The "melts qiao star" series, sponsored by melting qiao jinhui, obtained anhui each big network newspaper intermediary and international top brand of a gleam of support. Competition, a total of ten awards, including prizes were LV, achieve miraculous FENDI repeatedly, GUCCI, DIOR, HERMES and other international first luxury, becoming the activities of tom.com. "Melts air max (http://www.supplyairmax.com/) star" best popularity award prizes is derived from the Italian top luxury achieve miraculous FENDI repeatedly a fashionable handbags, market super bowl jerseys (http://www.discount-nfl.com/super-bowl-xliv-jerseys-c-19.html) nearly 7,000 ugg classic cardy (http://www.uggbootsbaileybutton.co.uk/ugg-classic-cardy-boots-c-68.html), contestants will be awarded to the most affinity's most popular most popular strength nova.Began in 1925, the top Italian fashion brand, in order to achieve miraculous FENDI repeatedly PI air max 2010 (http://www.supplyairmax.com/nike-air-max-2010-c-73.html) started, and constantly foray into garment, handbags, leather, jewelry, perfume, etc. 85 years, dramatic design concept to achieve miraculous FENDI repeatedly brand clothing for world fashion attention and favorable comment, including leather and handbag name move around the ghd pink (http://www.ghd-mk4-pink.com/ghd-pink-c-3.html).
Recently with the news will be officially announced in 2012, when will leave held a grand ceremony of retirement, with ghd iv styler (http://www.ghd-mk4-pink.com/ghd-iv-styler-c-4.html) took it is incumbent Chanel Lavin design director of lovely little fatty Alber chi black (http://www.chiflatironblack.com/chi-flat-iron-chi-black-origital-flat-iron-c-1_5.html), in his operating under Lavin successful brand terrorize elegant dress paradigm but elegant feminine not officially Chanel brand all interpretation of essence, so that any rumours credibility is extremely high. If steelers jerseys (http://www.discount-nfl.com/pittsburgh-steelers-jerseys-c-28.html) really go, then who will rule by Lavin? Stop worrying, fashion talent and vision are also had given the answer from Belgium genius stylist Olivier ghd iv styler gold (http://www.ghd-mk4-pink.com/ghd-iv-styler-mk4-gold-p-6.html) will steer Lavin. Hear so much speculation or let us carefully, three comb the design process of it, maybe your heart naturally emerge with the answers. In 1972, October, Karl Lagerfeld (Karl Lagerfeld) design call 1973 ugg boots (http://www.uggbootsbaileybutton.co.uk/) fashionable dress series a great success, 1992 to take up the brand ghd purple (http://www.ghd-mk4-pink.com/ghd-iv-styler-mk4-purple-p-14.html)..Since 1965 for as yet achieve miraculous FENDI repeatedly brand design, and design a achieve miraculous FENDI repeatedly famous double F symbol. 
repeatedly the attention and favorable comment, the success will achieve miraculous FENDI repeatedly pushed high fashion first position.1983 become colts jerseys (http://www.discount-nfl.com/indianapolis-colts-jerseys-c-24.html) brand stylist, in widespread, not good success made CHANEL resurrection, and make it become the world's most profitable fashion brand, and will be one of the buttons on ghd mk4 (http://www.ghd-mk4-pink.com/ghd-mk4-c-2.html) blackwell.infeathered fang fang, Lemarie, embroidery fang Lesage, shoes, sewing fang fang Massaro Michel, gold and silver fang fang Guillet air max 24-7 (http://www.supplyairmax.com/nike-air-max-24-7-c-69.html) ornamental design one income bursa. In 1987, the purpose of brand publicity started photography career, after shooting hand personally brand advertising large, and numerous fashion magazine also has many photography ugg bailey button (http://www.uggbootsbaileybutton.co.uk/ugg-bailey-button-boots-c-65.html).In November 2004, Karl and his famous Swedish quick fashion brand H&M cooperation, Karl Lagerfeld roll out "x H&M" limited edition 2 days after the fashion, namely chi digital (http://www.chiflatironblack.com/chi-flat-iron-chi-auto-digital-ceramic-flat-iron-c-1_13.html).On December 8, 2006 Carl announced the launch of bletchley brand vice line Karl Lagerfeld "brand" K, launch more young Tee and cowboys.

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