[Wine] Has the "IOPL not enabled" not been solved yet

Jowivk wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Nov 10 03:26:42 CST 2010

Being a new Ubuntu 10.10 user, I am trying to get Wine to work in order to access some of my previous WIN XP programs. When I try to use Outlook (from which it is still difficult to migrate to an appropriate Linux Prog), I always get the "IOPL not enabled" message. I have tried the fix with adding the gdiplus in libraries and changing it. But there is no effect.
If the "solution" is still to reinstall the windows programs, I am simply not prepared to invest all that time.
I refuse to enter the discussion about continued use of those terrible MS products - let us just accept that I want to do it.
If it does not work, I will have to conclude that Ubuntu and Wine is still an environment which is not fit for simple professional use without hours of tinkering around with command lines in terminal windows.
Maybe wait some more years?

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