[Wine] Re: SimCity4 wants to do a VGA display, but wine gives me an HD

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Nov 11 22:59:21 CST 2010

A Nonny Moose wrote:
> Agreed, however a bad call, however generated, to the graphics driver can.  It is not a wine problem, I say again.

No, it's not. Wine uses OpenGL for all 3D drawing, And Xorg for the rest. OpenGL is a really high level, well documented API. A wrong OpenGL API call should result in an error returned to Wine from the OpenGL library.

If to follow your logic, a malicious program can do a "bad" API call causing a system lockup/crash. This is not supposed to happen. Plain and simple.

Try enabling virtual desktop (via winecfg).

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