[Wine] Poor Graphics

CGumpWine wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Nov 12 13:14:16 CST 2010

Hey there i have a issue i am trying to figure out but i am fairly new to linux 
I am trying to see if i can fully switch over to linux so i am running all my programs. 

Now comes the problem Starcraft 2 its installs it works however i have to run everything on max low settings.  In windows i was able to run at high to ultra.  

Specs and other information

2.5GHz Phenom Black Ed 9850 
4 GB DDR 2 800  PC2 6400
2 Geforce 9800 GT 
Older 1.5 GB/Sec Sata Harddrive 
Ubuntu 10.10

So I dont know what is going on here i have the current drivers using the built in utility 
If anyone has any suggestions please let know  but be aware i am pretty new to linux (but usally able to follow lingo pretty good)

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