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Fri Nov 12 20:16:57 CST 2010

UGG snow classic ugg boots (http://www.ladysnowboots.info/) [/B]originated in Australia, is a pure quality handmade sheepskin timberland boots sale (http://www.timberlandsforsale.com/), which is full of so-called "Australian wool", wear very warm, but not very flattering look. In fact from a practical point of view, the basic winter in Australia do not need to wear snow cheap mbt shoes (http://www.mbt-m-walk.com/). Melbourne, the most southern area, winter minimum temperature of about zero degrees Celsius also. We just go skiing and will be wearing in special operations. However, this local tradition, "the world's most warm" air max 24 7 (http://www.air-jordan-max.com/nike-air-max-24-7-c-84.html), were those who went to discover Japanese fashion travel, snow cheap air max (http://www.discount-kicks.com/) as a fashion element is present, first seen in many Japanese fashion magazines on the street shooting pictures, and then get a number of Hollywood stars sought after, and quickly multiplied into a fashion trend. And then began to follow the example of many Chinese stars, and then in the last couple of years become the most fashionable girl in the winter like fashion items. 

Taobao shop is also selling a lot of snow shox classic (http://www.discount-shox.com/nike-shox-classic-c-67.html) this hot, some shop marked "100% Australian import." In fact, reporters in Sydney, Cairns and other Australian cities saw 80% of the snow classic argyle knit boots (http://www.ladysnowboots.info/classic-argyle-knit-boots-c-70.html) on the market also says "Made in China", the price of 100 dollars (currently an Australian co-6 yuan) above. And there are some marked "Australian made" UGG snow classic tall boots (http://www.ladysnowboots.info/ugg-classic-tall-boots-c-67.html), more than the price at 200 Australian dollars, Australian dollars or even 300 or more. Whether duty-free shops, shopping malls or night market, buy the timberland boots sale (http://www.timberlandsforsale.com/) are mostly Chinese. 

But, even the night market, the same quality of snow mbt chapa shoes (http://www.mbt-m-walk.com/mbt-chapa-gtx-shoes-c-30.html) and big shopping malls where prices are basically the same, and no fakes. The industry, in Australia, UGG is actually a lot of the factory to use the brand hand, there are some snow nike dun 6.0  (http://www.example.com/)are marked with the brand "New Zealand made". This at least shows in Oceania, UGG has more than one plant. In addition, the production of UGG snow air max 247 (http://www.discount-kicks.com/nike-air-max-24-7-c-76.html) [/B]are not only a brand, in Australia, the Chinese people are not familiar with the "EMU" brand snow shox turbo oz, but because of its good texture and excellent hand-even draw. 

Snow ugg ultra tall boots (http://www.ladysnowboots.info/ugg-ultra-tall-boots-c-72.html) in Australia, a business membership director of the Hong Kong reporters, the real Australian wool and sheepskin snow boots made of one material, brush or rag common not only can not effectively remove surface stains, but most likely to sheepskin snow bailey button triplet (http://www.ladysnowboots.info/ugg-bailey-button-triplet-boots-c-68.html) harm the surface. Therefore, maintenance UGG snow boots, really is a great need for a "two brushes!" In Australia, there are special snow boots care brushing and maintenance of cream, a price of 20 Australian dollars. Maintenance shop, there are domestic products, like snow timberland roll top (http://www.timberlandsforsale.com/timberland-womens-roll-top-c-70.html) with the girls should be considered. To go out every day wearing snow boots, boots dyed to a certain number of body dirt, come home, to take off it, first with the special sheepskin care brush to gently brush the surface of dust, very dirty place to wipe back and forth, Then wipe with a soft sheepskin special scrub. In addition, special long-handled sheepskin care brush, is used to brush the bottom of the mbt lami shoes (http://www.mbt-m-walk.com/mbt-lami-shoes-c-33.html). 

For everyday wear none, but the Australians invented the jordan retro (http://www.air-jordan-max.com/nike-air-jordan-retro-shoes-c-46.html), how to match the problem they will not give many suggestions. Reference to the experience of China's most fashionable girl from Japan and South Korea. This reebok zigtech (http://www.discount-kicks.com/reebok-zig-tech-c-4.html) [/B]looks like simple-minded, rough, a lot of very concerned about the natural beauty of its girls with problems, fearing it would undermine the body put on the proportion of short legs or Tuicu appear. In particular, some small and not very tall thin girls wearing UGG with skirts, but it is affecting not only look good temperament. 

Some fashion designers Weapon, the proposed height or body of the MM common as we choose to match the skirt UGG ugg classic mini (http://www.ladysnowboots.info/ugg-classic-mini-boots-c-73.html), shorts or jeans, to avoid the shortcomings of prominent stature, UGG shox monster (http://www.discount-shox.com/nike-shox-monster-c-54.html), or for short tall, lean or legs were very thin MM. Do not use with a very fat UGG pants, preferably with stockings or leggings, the star of children with a great range of girls who may not be appropriate in general. Here, editorial gives some snow ugg classic mini boots (http://www.ladysnowboots.info/ugg-classic-mini-boots-c-73.html) this winter with the IN program allows you to heat through the capital.

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