[Wine] Shoe through the "winter" usher in "New Year"

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Fri Nov 12 20:18:47 CST 2010

5 July each year, are classic ugg boots (http://www.ladysnowboots.info/)[/B] business off-season. But this year, Wenzhou timberland boots sale (http://www.timberlandsforsale.com/)off-season ahead of many of the end of 20 days. "The end of June, we discharged the order to 8 months. Early July after the finish order, booked through November." Kangnai Jasmine Cheng, vice president, said many orders can only be rejected, it is arranged, cheap mbt shoes (http://www.mbt-m-walk.com/). 

Not only Cornell, Wenzhou air max 24 7 (http://www.air-jordan-max.com/nike-air-max-24-7-c-84.html) several large, recently produced a fire situation are: Red dragonfly in the shox classic (http://www.discount-shox.com/nike-shox-classic-c-67.html) half sales rose 30% in the second half the momentum is not bad; O'Connor take the Olympic Express, orders have been received by the cheap air max (http://www.discount-kicks.com/) of . 

Although the same experience of the raw material prices, money supply tightening so cold, But through multiple ups and downs of Wenzhou classic argyle knit boots (http://www.ladysnowboots.info/classic-argyle-knit-boots-c-70.html)clearly have some ability to keep out the cold. Wulin Plaza fire in 1987, Wenzhou classic tall boots (http://www.ladysnowboots.info/ugg-classic-tall-boots-c-67.html) to repeated anti-dumping, Wenzhou mbt chapa shoes (http://www.mbt-m-walk.com/mbt-chapa-gtx-shoes-c-30.html) hone in on time and time again, quietly changing himself. While many small businesses are not able-bodied busy "winter", the Wenzhou timberland boots sale (http://www.timberlandsforsale.com/)brands have ancestors step, Yiran erect. 

Although still very busy recently, but there is a bit easier hurry, start with a licensing of Wenzhou nike dun 6.0  (http://www.example.com/)enterprises in recent years, Xie Rong-fang throat feel more than usually run: China's top ten shox turbo oz Wang, Wenzhou accounted for six Wenzhou, China air max 247 (http://www.discount-kicks.com/nike-air-max-24-7-c-76.html) [/B]are called, are up to their name. These scores are accumulated for many years. 

It has been panic: "ugg ultra tall boots (http://www.ladysnowboots.info/ugg-ultra-tall-boots-c-72.html)closures" to come. To this end, in the first half Xie Rong-fang of a media reporter received a telephone call from various quarters headache. Recently, the Wenzhou timberland roll top (http://www.timberlandsforsale.com/timberland-womens-roll-top-c-70.html) Industry Association made an industry analysis: Wenzhou bailey button triplet (http://www.ladysnowboots.info/ugg-bailey-button-triplet-boots-c-68.html) closure occurs only in some small enterprises, is the result of industry reshuffle, while larger enterprises were "the strong Hengqiang" trend. 

According to Xie Rong-fang available data, the first half of this year, closed down mbt lami shoes (http://www.mbt-m-walk.com/mbt-lami-shoes-c-33.html) conversions to around 170, belong to the shox monster (http://www.discount-shox.com/nike-shox-monster-c-54.html) class enterprise, that "the free development of type" small businesses. A "focus on enabling" and B "to guide the development of type" jordan retro (http://www.air-jordan-max.com/nike-air-jordan-retro-shoes-c-46.html), the current development is still relatively stable. Xie Rong-fang said: "The money spent for energy to the tree a few years ago brand of reebok zigtech (http://www.discount-kicks.com/reebok-zig-tech-c-4.html)[/B], this year's reshuffle, or perhaps a good thing. However, they also need to adapt to the new environment." 

Despite the difficulties of Wenzhou ugg classic mini boots (http://www.ladysnowboots.info/ugg-classic-mini-boots-c-73.html)indeed, Xie Rong-fang said that there will never be any "closures." Information from the Asia Footwear Association show that a Guangdong nearly a thousand years, and matching ugg bailey button (http://www.ladysnowboots.info/ugg-bailey-button-boots-c-66.html)companies out of business failures. Among them, more than 1,000 shoe-making enterprises in Dongguan have closed down 200 to 300. "Guangdong is the closure of nike shox (http://www.discount-shox.com/) most of the Taiwan-funded enterprises, the plant is leased, but also operating in other industries. And Wenzhou nike dun high (http://www.air-jordan-max.com/nike-dunk-shoes-c-49.html) enterprises are born and have their own factories and customers, not a last resort, no one will give up. In addition, Wenzhou air jordan (http://www.air-jordan-max.com/) has been operating for many decades, has experienced several rounds of reborn, with a considerable ability to resist risks. "

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