[Wine] What is 'CPU' memory?

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On Thu, Nov 11, 2010 at 9:17 AM, tparker <tparker at etherstorm.net> wrote:

> When playing WoW through Wine (1.3.6) my video settings are limited because
> some of them require "2G or more CPU memory".  Another computer in the house
> can play in Windows with those settings maxed out on a graphics card that
> only has 1G built in, so the setting doesn't mean graphics memory. My
> computer has 5G of ram (32 bit PAE kernel) so it's not that. So what is CPU
> memory and how do I tell if I really don't have enough or if there is a
> problem with the game detecting it properly through wine?

My first thought was the different kinds of CPU cache memory, but their
totals are much less than 2GB. An article on Wikipedia makes a clear
distinction between cache and system RAM.

I believe the following to be valid:
     Wine is a 32 bit program
     WoW is a 32 bit program
     Very broadly speaking, 32 bit only deals with a max of aprox. 3.2 GB of
system RAM
     I have seen discussions (here and/or WoW) that suggests limiting what
Wine "sees" to 3 GB of system RAM
     Anything over 3GB is wasted and may introduce a fubar factor
     Whatever your hardware can do may not be what particular software
can/can't do
     The Windoze comp may be sharing system RAM with the video card (check
BIOS for that)
     WoW has raised the graphics bar again, Shader 4 support is now required
to use some settings at max
     MS Direct stuff uses hardware differently than OpenGL

That's the closest I could get to "CPU memory".

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